Netrunner Formats

This is up to date as of Dec 2022 (Release of Parhelion, Part 2 of the Borealis Cycle.)



Newest Update

Newest In Progress Cycle

System Gateway System Update 2021 Borealis Cycle

Designed to introduce players to the world of competitive Netrunner, this format is aimed for those starting out or wanting a new deckbuilding challenge. Contains System Gateway, the newest System Update (currently 2021), and the latest Cycle (currently Borealis).

There is no card ban list for this format.



Newest Update

System Gateway System Update 2021


Flashpoint Cycle Red Sand Cycle Kitara Cycle Ashes Cycle Borealis Cycle


Data and Destiny Reign and Reverie Magnum Opus

The flagship format which Worlds, Nationals and Intercontinentals uses. When a new Netrunner product from Null Signal Games is released, they may decide to rotate the oldest Cycle and/or Expansion out of the format. It is highly recommended to proxy older cards in this format if you are new – you will never need to pay for a card.

A ban list is implemented for Standard and is updated regularly. You can find it here on the Null Signal Games website.